Sensors - Special Issue on Proximal Soil Sensing

Special Issue on Proximal Soil Sensing

Our current understanding of dynamic soil processes is constrained by a lack of efficient measurement capabilities for key soil properties across space and in time (e.g. nutrients, carbon, biology, water, pH). The development of proximal soil sensing is essential for the dynamic characterisation of soil to help advance our current understanding of such processes and for monitoring them. Recent technological advances in miniaturised, low-power, sensors that are also wireless show considerable promise. Thus, for this special issue we welcome reviews and original research articles on the following topics:

  1. New soil sensor technologies for sensing biological, physical, and chemical soil properties;
  2. Development of integrated multi-sensor systems for monitoring soil condition and function (or soil health);
  3. Subterranean wireless sensor systems used for monitoring biological, physical, and chemical soil properties;
  4. Sensor data analytics, including signal processing, sampling, multivariate calibration, machine learning, Bayesian modelling, multi-sensor data fusion;
  5. Novel applications of proximal soil sensing in environmental, agronomic, engineering, robotic, archaeologic, remote sensing and space applications;
  6. Use of proximal soil sensing data in processed-based models at different spatial and temporal scales.

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Deadline for ms submission is September 2018.